Our Projects

We Help Strengthen Your R&D Capacity

We partner with clients of all sizes to strengthen their R&D capacity:

  • Startups progressing toward SBIR Phase 2
  • Growth companies needing to scale their proven product and optimize their processes
  • Established companies with limited bench-strength

Our Unique Value Proposition comes from decades of industry experience which adds commercial relevance to all aspects of our work. We differentiate ourselves by having a competitive “nose” for innovations.

Our Projects

Current and completed projects include:

Application development:

  • Creation of novel polyimide films using our client’s monomers
  • Creation of novel epoxy adhesives using client-specific ingredients
  • Proof-of-concept for a novel biodegradable consumer product (replacing a non-degradable one)
  • Creation of a novel membrane with tailored permeability
  • Demonstration of the range of properties that are possible with a family of copolymers

Problem solving related to:

  • Producing a packaging film that meets FDA regulations
  • Creation of novel coatings with specified properties
  • Replacing a scarce ingredient in a compounded polymer product while producing the same properties
  • Reducing waste in a polymer/material process
  • Improving the rheology of high solids slurry to reduce process costs
  • Interactions between a new carbohydrate polymer and other ingredients
  • Determining the source of an impurity in a condensation polymerization process
  • Causes of non-reproducible properties in a polymerization process
  • Start-up of a plant to make an oil-field chemical
  • Competitive analysis of client’s products with recommended improvements
  • Starting up a plant that processes protein polymers
  • Discovering the cause of a premature failure of a polymer part
  • Creation of a new oil-industry product using our client’s ingredients

Analytical method development and measurements:

  • GPC for molecular weight measurement
  • Intrinsic viscosity
  • Parallel plate rheometry
  • DSC for melting, crystallization and other thermal transitions
  • TGA for thermal degradation
  • DMA for mechanical properties
  • Tensile tests for mechanical properties
  • GC/MS for chemical analysis
  • UV-Vis spectroscopy for chemical analysis
  • FTIR for chemical analysis
  • AFM/nano-FTIR for material characterization
  • Particle size measurement
  • X-ray diffraction for material characterization
  • Imaging by optical microscopy and SEM (scanning electron microscopy)

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