Our Experts

Delaware Polymer R&D brings together a group of world-class scientists with expertise in polymer chemistry, materials science and polymer engineering. Our pool of subject matter experts includes seasoned engineers, scientists, and manufacturing experts. We honed our skills working in the R&D organizations of Fortune 500 companies, inventing and commercializing polymers and plastic products, such as fibers, films, nonwovens, coatings, adhesives, inks, dispersions and devices.

By working with us, you will benefit from the depth of our industrial experience. We differentiate ourselves by offering team-based services, bringing cross-discipline and cross-material R&D insight.  We have extensive experience in discovering customer’s needs, scaling, and commercializing innovations.

Collectively we hold hundreds of US patents, and we are continuing to be inventors on patents owned by our clients.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Monomer/oligomer synthesis
    • Catalysis, separations
  • Polymerization
    • Polyesters
    • Nylons
    • Aramids
    • Polyimides
    • Elastomers
    • Liquid crystalline polymers
    • Fluoropolymers
    • Silicone polymers
    • Polyolefins
    • Ionomers
    • Hydrogels
    • Bio-derived polymers
    • Thermosets including epoxies and phenol-formaldehyde
  • Polymer modification
    • Grafting
    • Transesterification / transamidation
    • Blending / compounding
    • Nanocomposites
  • Processing & Application Development
    • Fibers, films, sheets
    • Foams
    • 3D printing
    • Coating formulation
    • Particle science
  • Polymer and Materials Characterization
    • Method development and routine tests
    • Instruments and expertise available in:
      • GPC for molecular weight measurement
      • Chromatography, including: HPLC, GC / MassSpec
      • Spectroscopy, including FTIR and UV-Vis
      • NMR
      • Thermal analyses, including DSC and TGA
      • Dynamics mechanical analyses (DMA)
      • Rheology, melts and solutions
      • Tensile testing
      • Microscopy, optical and SEM
      • Particle size
      • Neutron scattering
      • X-Ray diffraction
    • Analytical Chemistry and Materials Characterization

Analytical Sciences

Our work in this area supports the work listed above: From Idea to POC or from POC to scaled products; product and application development and more, such as meeting and staying ahead of regulatory standards, and troubleshooting manufacturing problems.

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